The creation of Irepo Local Government Authority took place in 1946 (Comprising the three major towns – Kisi, Igboho and Igbeti).  The headquarter has always been Kisi.  Then it was known as Kisi District Council.  A name which later changed to Irepo District Council and Finally, Irepo Local Government (in 1976).


Irepo has about 100,000 people across the length and breadth of about 60 villages and hamlets within its domain.


Irepo shares boundary lines with Olorunsogo and Oorelope Local Government areas of Oyo State to the East and West.  Baruten and Kaiama Local Authorities of Kwara State are to its North-west and North respectively.


Notable villages within  about 1,000 kilometers of Irepo landmass include Adagbangba, Agunla, BudoOjetere, Welewele, Sooro, Sise-orowo, and Ajetowa.


More than 99.9% of the said Irepo Landmass is richly agrarian.  Not less than 88% of the population in Irepo are practising farmer – large scale farmers.


Available in tonnes among other farm products are yam, yam flour, grains, rice, cotton, cassava and pepper, for buyers across the country.  Hence Irepo is rightly called the REAL FOOD BASKET OF OYO STATE.